We’re experts when it comes to language(s)

To be more precise, our translators have excellent technical qualifications. We make sure of this personally before we even begin working with a translator, since translating technical medical, telecommunications and IT texts always requires specialized background knowledge. Translators who localize software must also be able to distinguish between text to be translated and programming code. Translators working on other text types, such as advertising and PR, have to pay special attention to style and the author’s marketing objectives.
Our translation services


Every translation begins with a conversation with you. Your contact person will clarify with you your actual translation requirements and offer advice on how best to achieve your aim.

Translation recycling

We translate only new and modified text. Text that has already been translated is saved in our translation memory, which we can access at all times when translating updates. All translators use and update the same database at the same time. This means that we can guarantee a high degree of consistency for each of your projects.

Multilingual project management

Your project manager organizes the entire translation process. He or she coordinates the resources and deadlines needed for your required language combinations, prepares material for translation and clarifies any questions the translation team might have. Our job is not done until you are fully satisfied with the result.


When software localization is done well, the user interface works as if it were developed for the target market. In addition to translating the text, we also always take the cultural and technical particularities of the target market into account, such as units of measurement, number and address formats, as well as local regulations and specifications.


Thanks to our global network of technical translators who work into their native language, we can translate your texts into all major languages. We provide translations in the fields of medicine, telecommunications and consumer electronics. Our specialist field is software localization.

We check each and every translation to make sure the language and content are correct and the text reads well. Our technical review involves checking usability, functionality and procedures using the installed localized software. This process enables us to ensure that the documentation, help and software are consistent in every target language.

Terminology management

Carefully researched terminology is the foundation of every technical translation. We maintain terminology in project-specific glossaries and databases. On request, we can validate, expand and update these as part of our terminology management system. All of this effort has a positive side effect - all our translators use consistent technical terms for all of your projects.