The right technology is key

It almost goes without saying that we have the necessary technical vocabulary and a keen understanding of technical contexts. These qualifications serve as our technical basis when we translate your documentation and application help.

Our state-of-the-art translation and software localization tools ensure all project components are consistent.

Would you like to find out how this technology can work for you? Just ask us!

Technical and translation-related services

Translation memories

We use the translation memory system you want us to use, such as SDL Trados. The system’s database function saves the source text with its corresponding translation, which means we can instantaneously compare new source texts to translations stored in the system. Our system is Internet-based and runs on a server, which allows multiple translators – external or internal – to work on project files simultaneously, use existing translations and add new ones.

Software localization

One tool that complies with the industry standard is SDL Passolo, which provides integrated test functions and interfaces to translation memories, in addition to translation functions. Passolo supports all file formats and accelerates and simplifies technical localization processes. We are happy to take your requests into account when choosing which tool to use.

Software resizing

Translated text is rarely the same length as the source text. We adjust the length of controls to the content to ensure that the full text remains visible in localized software.

Testing software and compiling online help

Once the translation work is complete, we test the software to ensure that the language is correct and the software is readable – and that it works perfectly. We compile online help and test the content and functions. After all, help is only truly helpful if it accurately describes the software.

Desktop publishing

We are happy to deliver translated documentation in the same format as the source text. And naturally we adjust the layout according to the length of the target text. We can also provide your documentation in printable form on request.

Graphic processing and screenshots

We translate the content of graphics and diagrams and adjust the layout according to the length of the target language text. If documentation contains screenshots of the application, we create localized versions using the running software in the target language.

Video and audio sequences

We also translate text for video and audio sequences. Of course, to do this we take into account the particularities of the spoken word. If you need a partner for video or audio production, we would be happy to help.